The Berryhill Farm is located in SE Minnesota just outside Rochester. We initially began raising sheep in 2007 to help keep the grass under control.  Through the years we have become more and more agressive at using their trimming abilities -- even using them to keep the road ditches around the farm trimmed as well.  

At the very beginning we had the intention that if we enjoyed the "sheep experiment" we would try to specialize in the Leicester Longwool breed, once the most popular breed worldwide, now listed as "critical" according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  These sheep have a wonderful personality and are easy keepers on just grass -- in 2013 we trimmed our flock to consist of only LLSBA registered Leicester Longwool sheep.   

In 2015 a Card Grading event was held at the MS&WF to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the LLSBA and the reintroduction of the Leicester Longwools to the US. Five sheep from the Berryhill Farm were allowed to be graded at this event and all 5 received Blue Cards for excellence in breed standards.